Commented 10 years ago2012-11-26 19:09:04 UTC in journal: #8040 Comment #43855
I hear you. I have the same feeling when some idiot takes the time to write a novel, demanding 15 cents worth of miscalculated delivery fees to be transferred back to his account. Customer support at its finest.
Commented 10 years ago2012-11-01 00:00:00 UTC in vault item: DM_Cybrain & TDM_Cybrain Comment #32840
Architecture — 9.5
Texturing — 9.2
Ambience — 9
Lighting — 9.8
Gameplay — 8

Exclusive Video Review:

" brings back fond memories from the artistically gory sections of Quake 3 and Doom 3."

Bottom Line:

This is one of the best-looking and one of the creepiest maps I've ever seen for Goldsource.
Commented 10 years ago2012-10-26 04:43:22 UTC in vault item: de_octogon Comment #15031
Wow, thanks for the extensive review! :)

The only point I would argue is the world scale, the map had problems regarding scale in early versions, but I was under the impression that it came out well. Which parts do you feel too big / thick?

Also, working on model shadows atm, but it seems to double (!) the vis time with no end in sight - running for 12 straight hours now, and it seems to be stuck at 60%.

Anyway, thanks again for your nice review! :)
Commented 10 years ago2012-10-25 15:01:24 UTC in journal: #8007 Comment #61008
Have a good one!
Commented 10 years ago2012-10-18 15:33:45 UTC in journal: #8002 Comment #43801
Have a good one nonetheless. Postpone it for a more suitable date :]
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Commented 10 years ago2012-10-04 16:01:44 UTC in journal: #7987 Comment #42115
Congratulations for being quarter-century +1 old!
Commented 10 years ago2012-10-01 00:00:00 UTC in vault item: de_uprise Comment #32839
Architecture — 9
Texturing — 8.2
Ambience — 8
Lighting — 9
Gameplay — 7.5

Exclusive Video Review:

"De_uprise feels like a classic Counter-Strike map, something that could easily be included in the official map pack."

Bottom Line:

In the end de_uprise is a fun oldschool map that has a few issues and needs more polish, but manages to be entertaining nontheless.
Commented 10 years ago2012-09-18 15:22:36 UTC in journal: #7975 Comment #45745
Sucks to be you I guess.
Commented 10 years ago2012-09-14 14:20:10 UTC in journal: #7967 Comment #43737
I planned to get my hands on it as soon as possible, but I'll only be able to play it on Sunday - have to make sure my gfs cat doesn't jump out from the third floor while her window gets changed. No laptop, shitty PC unable to run Source.

Commented 10 years ago2012-09-02 08:16:56 UTC in journal: #7959 Comment #40193
When the countdown is done, they'll just go "Sorry Gordon, you're late! We've hired someone else!" :P

This better be it, excitement up the bum.
Commented 10 years ago2012-09-01 00:00:00 UTC in vault item: Carbaseus Comment #32837
Architecture — 9
Texturing — 6.5
Ambience — 8.5
Lighting — 6.5
Gameplay — 9

Exclusive Video Review:

"It's kinda like an outdoor modern art gallery, more so after the walls are covered with guts."

Bottom Line:

In the end, I can see two dozens of people having awesome fun running around in Carbaseus.
Commented 10 years ago2012-08-27 09:23:46 UTC in journal: #7949 Comment #55364
Two months of unemployment and counting. Trying to polish on my graphic- and coding skills. The faculty of humanities didn't really pay off :P
Commented 10 years ago2012-08-01 00:00:00 UTC in vault item: awp_junkworld Comment #32834
Architecture — 5.5
Texturing — 3
Ambience — 7
Lighting — 6
Gameplay — 2.5

Exclusive Video Review:

"Awp_junkworld looks terribly unfinished, from every possible perspective."

Bottom Line:

"It's a nice concept that was killed by the lack of time."
Commented 10 years ago2012-07-29 04:07:38 UTC in journal: #7917 Comment #38581
Have a good one!
Commented 10 years ago2012-07-27 19:27:11 UTC in journal: #7916 Comment #58091
I see.
Commented 10 years ago2012-07-22 15:43:34 UTC in vault item: dm_circle2 Comment #20047
Hah, Satchel = BFG. Oh and nice color scheme :)
Commented 10 years ago2012-07-13 09:42:52 UTC in journal: #7882 Comment #42103
Haha, cute :3
Commented 10 years ago2012-07-10 09:35:29 UTC in journal: #7880 Comment #43642
Congrats! Webdesign or something similar?
Commented 10 years ago2012-07-10 09:32:23 UTC in journal: #7878 Comment #43627
Now that's gonna get 30.000 views by the end of the week :D
Commented 10 years ago2012-07-09 10:57:38 UTC in journal: #7876 Comment #39652
Fun until it gets unforgiving and near-to-impossible.
Commented 10 years ago2012-07-03 15:27:19 UTC in journal: #7870 Comment #45662
I thought those "evolution" videos were awesome. Sure, it's a pain in the ass if you didn't record, or don't have previous versions of the given map on your rig, but still, those things were kick-ass.

If you are willing and able to make moar on a regular basis, those would demonstrate like nothing else how much effort you guys put into the mod - and how cool it's gonna be, when it comes out.
Commented 10 years ago2012-07-01 00:00:00 UTC in vault item: Toughworks Comment #32832
Architecture — 9
Texturing — 9.5
Ambience — 9
Lighting — 9.5
Gameplay — 8.5

Exclusive Video Review:

"Toughworks stands as something totally original, and is true eye candy for GoldSource players."

Bottom Line:

Toughworks shows how an industrial setting is pulled off right. Less create, more Unreal Tournament.
Commented 10 years ago2012-06-22 19:37:10 UTC in journal: #7853 Comment #43603
Chin up, you'll surely manage to get a similar - or better - job, after all, you have real work experience in your field, which is what really matters. I'm struggling to find a decent job as a fresh graduate :/
Commented 10 years ago2012-06-14 20:28:12 UTC in journal: #7839 Comment #42093
Last time, I swear.
Yeah...fuck it, tomorrow's caturday.

User posted image
Commented 10 years ago2012-06-13 06:34:33 UTC in journal: #7838 Comment #42074
Commented 10 years ago2012-06-12 17:42:58 UTC in journal: #7838 Comment #42073
Look at that sa...happy little kitty.
Commented 10 years ago2012-06-11 12:22:32 UTC in journal: #7834 Comment #43587
Commented 10 years ago2012-06-08 16:09:46 UTC in journal: #7830 Comment #45634
Congratulations! Now get that fog machine working and some fake guts flying! :)
Commented 10 years ago2012-06-01 09:45:41 UTC in journal: #7821 Comment #58011
Finishing masters in two weeks, I'm with you! Congrats!

Where are you headed?
Commented 10 years ago2012-06-01 00:00:00 UTC in vault item: EsoTerrace Comment #32828
Architecture — 7
Texturing — 9
Ambience — 8
Lighting — 7
Gameplay — 7.5

Exclusive Video Review:

"I think EsoTerrace needs more soul...and less crates."

Bottom Line:

There's nothing inherently wrong with EsoTerrace... Maybe I've been spoiled by the Mario themed maps and expected more from DocRock.
Commented 10 years ago2012-05-31 11:26:18 UTC in journal: #7815 Comment #43577
He and his future self is too important to give you an example.
Commented 10 years ago2012-05-26 15:45:53 UTC in vault item: Toughworks Comment #19474
Superb texturing a lighting, great work! It has a slight Unreal Tournament Classic feel to it, reminds me of the dm maps Grinder and Pressure...with more detail and sexier shadows :)
Commented 10 years ago2012-05-22 09:43:43 UTC in journal: #7803 Comment #45608
Great stuff, congratulations!
Commented 10 years ago2012-05-15 07:02:36 UTC in journal: #7794 Comment #45598
On second thought, at the last evolution process (with the grunts), I kinda liked those lights at the top of the columns, had a nice mood to it. Sure, the vent shaft gave the area more detail, but they could still be there. Just a little nitpick, everything else is still mind-blowingly awesome ;)
Commented 10 years ago2012-05-13 06:32:58 UTC in journal: #7794 Comment #45597
Damn, that's some pro lighting...and the sexiest shadows I've seen in Goldsource oO

Great progress, can't wait to play it!
Commented 10 years ago2012-05-03 13:27:08 UTC in journal: #7769 Comment #42040
Congrats! Have some epic caturdayz!
Commented 10 years ago2012-05-01 05:48:04 UTC in journal: #7766 Comment #43493
The different point of view was the real thing that made Opfor interesting. But demanding Shepard's character back in this day and age...another friggin' well-armored soldier guy as a protagonist would really make it stand out from the horde of Modern Warfields.
Commented 10 years ago2012-04-26 10:34:12 UTC in journal: #7760 Comment #43473
Next up: Striker and Urby taking pictures of each other with their smartphones, while taking a bath - posted straight to TWHL. Can't wait.
Commented 10 years ago2012-04-23 13:37:37 UTC in journal: #7758 Comment #51438
Saw this trailer a few weeks back. CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS DANGEROSOU MOVIE!
Commented 10 years ago2012-04-22 05:39:35 UTC in journal: #7756 Comment #43465
I only took a look at your playthrough, and the whole game looks pretty boring after the third eyeball shot.
Commented 10 years ago2012-03-31 07:05:37 UTC in journal: #7708 Comment #42015
Hahaha, nice! Loving the sounds and the walljumpie mechanic.
Commented 10 years ago2012-03-27 17:38:57 UTC in journal: #7704 Comment #45558
Yeah, when it comes down to defining someone as "religious", I guess it's a matter of perspective. In my definition, someone can still call himself religious, if he agrees with modern scientifical facts. Denying them and stubbornly stating that God literally created the world in seven days out of nothing - that I would rather define as radical and narrow-minded.

But anyways, keep us posted! :)
Commented 10 years ago2012-03-27 11:50:21 UTC in journal: #7704 Comment #45557

Although if you want to present a full picture of the subject, it wouldn't hurt to read up on some authors from the field of sociology, anthropology, religious studies, etc. People like Max Weber, James George Frazer, Claude Lévi-Strauss, or as a light read, the outrageously funny The Year of Living Biblically by A. J. Jackobs, who also appeared in TED btw

Quite the opposite of your idea, as an agnostic, he tried to follow the rules of the Bible literally, and failed. He didn't join any religious group and remained skeptical, but developed a better understanding of religious people.

It would be quite interesting to see your Douglas Pillock, who's strongly fundamentalist and narrow-minded I presume, to meet some open-minded religious people at some point. Just a thought ;)
Commented 10 years ago2012-03-24 17:43:32 UTC in journal: #7698 Comment #39639
Yup, I've been playing it a few years ago for about 6 hours, but then got constantly low on health and died every 2 minutes. Enjoyed it though, but damn is it hard D:
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Commented 10 years ago2012-03-23 07:44:45 UTC in journal: #7697 Comment #62367
@Striker: that's the difference between the new, shiny, quickly-assembled lenses and a 40-year-old Carl Zeiss or Leica lens. I once had a Carl Zeiss in my hands, made in the seventies, and was still perfectly clean on the inside. Those ol' Germans knew how to make lenses.

Btw, I have a micro 4/3, so I'm not a big pro in DSLRs, but isn't it possible to blow a bit of compressed air - that you normally use to clean the inside of your PC - onto the mirror, that would go up to the viewfinder? Maybe that would save you the dissembly.
Commented 10 years ago2012-03-19 12:40:22 UTC in journal: #7690 Comment #43386
Even though your regular sleeping periods seem awfully short, it could be that you're oversleeping - compared to your regular 2-4 hours of sleeping.

Oversleeping can lead you to feel more exhausted. But I'm being Captain Obvious here.
Commented 10 years ago2012-03-18 12:32:11 UTC in journal: #7685 Comment #66922
^ Yup, that too.
Commented 10 years ago2012-03-18 11:09:59 UTC in journal: #7685 Comment #66921
Pretty much what Archie & Daub said.

At your age, I was 172 cm tall and weighed 40 kgs, as opposed to your 150 cm and 30 kgs - so kinda the same ratio. Didn't stop me doing some martial arts, with which I gained an extra 15 kgs. So if not parkour, do some not-that-jaw-breaking martial art, like Aikido, or some kind of Karate, there are tons of info about them on the interwebs, just look it up. If that doesn't suit you, just look for any kind of sport you'd like. It even helps your metabolism, if you're not sitting at your rig all day ;)

So quit whining and do something about it.