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Daubster10 years ago2011-05-21 23:48:11 UTC 12 comments
Dragos has let us in on a neat lighting trick in his first tutorial, explaining how to implement some sharp & sexy shadows in GoldSource!
With a relatively simple technique that can create some truly awesome visuals, Realistic Shadows is definitely worth a read for any GoldSource mapper.
Strider10 years ago2011-04-19 04:11:44 UTC 8 comments
Yep, it's finally here. Now is the time to call in sick from work or school, because there are much more important matters to attend to. I, unfortunately, will be away from my gaming rig for the next few days, so if you spoil it I will hunt you down. Other people might not appreciate it either. Discuss!

EDIT: The results for Compo 30 are out.

EDIT: The Portal 2 Authoring Tools Beta are now available!
Strider10 years ago2011-03-27 11:30:06 UTC 13 comments
Time for a competition! A short one this time, and we're doing it a bit differently. Be sure to read the rules here, and post your entries here, NOT the usual way.

This time the winner will be decided by community voting. We don't have a proper system for that in place right now, so it's a bit of a messy way of handling things. Another feature to add to the TWHL4 checklist!

The competition is over! Time to vote.

Visit this voting page to make your choice (image heavy!). You can only vote once, but you can change it at any time by simply selecting your new favourite. We'll be leaving it open for a week at the most, or until the votes die down.

Like the other competitions, there will still be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner once we tally it up. Good luck to everyone!
Penguinboy10 years ago2011-03-19 13:01:42 UTC 19 comments
Well, we had a bit of a problem in the middle there, but the move is complete! Thanks to some co-operation with the site's original creator, atom (who was paying for the site hosting previously), we have recovered any data that may have gone missing otherwise.

For the people who missed the mid-upgrade shenanigans, there was a few hours where we thought that we would have lost about one week's worth of data. Fortunately this is not the case, and we have a perfect and complete back up of the instant the domain went down 14 hours ago. All in all, a good migration. I may have had a heart attack at some point during that time.
Penguinboy10 years ago2011-03-12 08:45:04 UTC 32 comments
Good news, everyone!

After some discussion, the admin team has decided to purchase a new domain and hosting for TWHL and migrate the site across. This means that, finally, work on a site redesign (TWHL4) can begin.

The new domain is Not exactly the greatest domain, but the .com, .org, and .net variants of the domain have already been taken - so we'll have to take what we can get.

The official changeover is scheduled for next weekend. That's Saturday the 19th of March to Sunday the 20th. During this time, TWHL will be offline. This is to give me time to download the site's content and upload it to the new domain. There will be a way for the admin team to provide information as the upgrade happens, and we encourage anyone who wants to to join the IRC channel or the Steam group for updates.

Once the update is complete, any links pointing to the old domain will automatically be forwarded to the new one. Once the change happens, remember to update your bookmarks! You will need to log into the new domain at least once, so make sure you haven't forgotten your password. All data will be transferred including map downloads, user accounts, forum posts, and so on.

EDIT: For the people who are confused, next weekend is NOT when TWHL4 will be done. We are moving this website to the new domain only. Work on TWHL4 has started but will take a while to make - you probably wont even see it until next year. When we move on the weekend, everything will be exactly the same in every way, except the domain will be different.
AJ10 years ago2010-12-31 21:32:23 UTC 36 comments
It's my pleasure to welcome you all to 2011 and another year of mappin' goodness. Happy new year from the admin team at TWHL!

Edit: Egad! The compo results are up!

Double Edit:
The following games are now available in the map vault (with icons!):

Alien Swarm
Blue Shift
Opposing Force
Deathmatch Classic
Garry's Mod
Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead 2
Portal 2
AJ10 years ago2010-12-21 20:21:47 UTC 23 comments
2 days to go and as mentioned in the brief, there will be no extension. Working to deadlines is the how the world turns, people!

In other news, Valve has launched their annual Steam holiday sales. As per usual, there's all manner of ridiculous discounts going down. Seriously, if you haven't picked up the entire Valve collection yet, then what are you waiting for?

Compo's over. Good luck to those who entered. Results will come soon, and be prepared for the next compo, beginning next month.
AJ10 years ago2010-11-23 19:52:18 UTC 28 comments
Well folks, it's finally here, so quit whinging. Competition 29: Map Something Historical is alive and kicking, so get to it. You have a month to get your entries in.

The competition will be judged by Penguinboy and myself: yes, I'm making a return to compo judging. Now, toddle off to Hammer and get cracking.

Please make sure to check out the thread for updates and an FAQ.

Edit: Don Punch has given the more advanced mappers around here a through guide for sprucing up your maps with a bit of extra spice in "Detailing map brushes using XSI". This is Don Punch's first tutorial, so go on, take a look.
AJ10 years ago2010-11-16 22:49:36 UTC 24 comments
Correct me if I'm wrong folks, but I do believe we're about to have a first second on TWHL: a marriage! Provided Rimrook isn't a great, big, dirty liar, he is to be congratulated for proposing to his partner. This is Rimrook's second appearance in the news recently, so let's try and have a bit of time where you don't do something newsworthy, ok? ;)

In other news, it looks like the next compo will start up soon. Unless those poll results deceive me, it could be time to get out the history books...

Edit: Dang you to the person who pushed up the other option!
AJ11 years ago2010-10-20 20:55:06 UTC 27 comments
Ah, writing news for TWHL again. It feels good, folks!

Enough of my soap-boxing though: it's time to dish out another fine tutorial to you all with Rimrook's Seamless Skybox Fog for Source. If you've ever been mystified by Valve's marvellous fog in Left 4 Dead and its sequel, then clear the mystery fog of that technique right now!

Now I'll sit in the corner and wait for Penguinboy to take away my Pun Machine 3000. Enjoy!
Penguinboy11 years ago2010-09-18 21:24:09 UTC 26 comments
I logged into TWHL to find a wonderful surprise in my inbox from an anonymous poster. I hope he doesn't mind if I share his comments with you all:

Hey Penguinboy,

I just wanted to say thanks for keeping this site going. It's always been a really great resource for me and definitely got me started in my passion for games technology and software in general. I now help lead a game design group at UT Austin and I feel I owe a lot of that to this site and its leaders past and present. Thanks for the quality work!


Dunno about you folks, but this kind of stuff makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. This is why I (and possibly other admins) feel so strongly about keeping TWHL and it's valuable resources and community alive.

Because Joe didn't leave a reply email, I'd just like to say: Thank you, Joe. I'm glad TWHL has helped you, and I hope that we can continue to help people like you for the foreseeable future!

Time for a group hug!

Oh, and the results are up.
AJ11 years ago2010-08-31 22:33:53 UTC 22 comments

I broke TWHL.

And I'll do it again!

After a whole day of being worthless, TWHL is now functional again! (Unless you aren't already logged in, at least.)

Penguinboy has been summoned to fix the header/session issues at the top of the page for all those who can't log in. Just be patient and it'll be fixed soonish.

UPDATE: I believe everything should be in order now. Penguinboy will be unleashing a suitable punishment on yours truly for crashing the site.
Strider11 years ago2010-08-29 03:46:29 UTC 21 comments
You've probably noticed we're being randomly attacked by a persistent, if unoriginal, spammer. Penguinboy has just upgraded our antispam measures, they should make short work of him for now, and he's got some more advanced tools in the works.

As an extra measure we've promoted The Mighty Atom to admin, which he definitely deserves!

If you notice anything when we're not around, PM Atom, Grim, Penguinboy or myself, we'll take care of it when we can.

EDIT - The competition is over! -- Grim
TheGrimReafer11 years ago2010-06-25 01:34:29 UTC 13 comments
Map a dream won the Vote-O-Rama and is now an official competition!

(The competition page can be found here, and the thread here.)

You have a little over two months.

Good luck!
TheGrimReafer11 years ago2010-06-11 00:38:43 UTC 5 comments
We're voting on the next theme for the competition right now!

Head over to the voting thread and cast your vote for the new competition theme. The rules are on the first post.
The final vote is officially a poll under the shoutbox. (This is the last vote I promise)