Commented 1 week ago2021-01-08 22:50:09 UTC in vault item: aim_saturn Comment #103186
@Masta_Frank01: thanks! Gravity is set to 0.5 with a trigger_gravity that covers the entire playable area.
Commented 2 weeks ago2021-01-05 11:14:42 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: Coding NPCs in GoldSrc Comment #103181
@Saw: those includes must be put in the same file as the rest of the code, so if you've created a new .cpp file for your NPC, then yes, they should be put at the top of that file.
Commented 1 month ago2020-12-07 23:27:51 UTC in vault item: MESS - weapon_* entity replacement template Comment #103129
Note: I made this example based on a forum question by mahagon.
Commented 1 month ago2020-11-26 21:40:26 UTC in vault item: Vanilla sprite train Comment #103092
Nice! I noticed that zhlt_usemodel also ensures that the 'template' entity whose sprite or model is used will be put before the entities that use it, so the map won't crash because the sprite or model hasn't been loaded yet. If you use model instead you'd have to be careful to create the sprite/model entity first.
Commented 1 month ago2020-11-24 08:44:04 UTC in vault item: TWHL Tower 2 Comment #103085
That's a lot of high-quality maps! Some interesting gameplay mechanics and ideas, and the level of detail in some of the maps is just excellent. I've tried to summarize my thoughts on each map:

Warm welcome: I like how the gameplay mechanics were communicated through visual clues (red lasers + red glow on turrets, orange pipes).
Pest control: The cubicles combat area setup was nice, with vorts being able to flank the player. Standard HL gameplay but nicely done.
Phantom lab: Visually very nice, good use of available space, also good use of satchels/tripmines. I wasn't expecting a hidden item search and found the G-man sequences a bit too long, and the intro was weird, but a great map nonetheless.
The tomb: Fun introduction and great atmosphere, especially the 'artifact grab' and the cheesy 'ending'. Instakill traps were a bit frustrating, but still a fun map.
Cargo specimen #798: Interesting monster use. It wasn't always very clear how to proceed though. The start and end 'sequences' were a fun touch.
Food court: Finally, after all these years, Gordon gets to eat something besides medkits and morphine...
Half-Pint: Fantastic! Manages to be both predictable and surprising at the same time. Definitely one of the highlights of this mappack.
Memories: These kind of maps aren't really my cup of tea.
Orange corp: Nice visuals and 'storytelling' that builds up suspense before the final 'discovery'.
Tele office: Visually more basic, but the combat and especially the 'finale' were actually quite fun.
Training course: Refreshingly different in style. Combat was maybe a bit too though but it was never dull.
Smash & grab: Very well done. Visually appealing, distinct mechanics that were clearly explained, and not too easy either.
Saviour?: Good sense of place and level of detail. Interesting use of windows and layout, so the player can see the AI taking initiative, which makes them look smart.
Xen garden: 1/10 would never relax here again. 'domesticated' headcrabs, yeah right... But seriously, this one looked very pretty.
Apartments: I don't like horror maps so I skipped this one.
Not much of a turnabout: That's a cool little detective story. Very nice!
Headley & Crabb: Not bad visually, but not the most interesting combat-wise. I'm not sure why Barney was hostile?
Darkwoods penitentiary: Not really my style, but I'm glad I stuck around to see the ending.
Flippant: An interesting idea, but enemies were rather difficult to hit (due to a hitbox issue?) and combat was too hard overall for my taste.
Von Braun: This floor felt like a different game altogether. Very well done. The hint system was a good idea, given how little 'room' there was to introduce the different gameplay mechanics.
Cupid's queue: A bit rough around the edges, with some rooms not making much sense. I did like how it gave you a glimpse of the secret cd.
Trial by fire: More horror, so another skip for me.
Hard inferno: Nice idea about exploration versus direct confrontation. Ending was pretty frantic.
Repechage: Visually very pleasing, interesting gameplay mechanics, chock-full of secrets, but above all, great fun to play. One of my favorite maps in this mappack.
All foyered up: Visually very nice (chrome tv effect!), but the final room felt a bit too cramped for a grande finale.
Cenodrome XL: I'm not sure whether I'd be able to beat this without cheating, but it's an interesting idea for sure. The connection with Repechage is a nice touch.
Commented 1 month ago2020-11-19 19:46:21 UTC in journal: #555 Comment #103071

What's with all these weird comments on decade-old journal entries?
Commented 2 months ago2020-11-07 21:48:37 UTC in vault item: Bridge The Gap 2.0 Comment #103020
That's a nice piece of work! Going back to low-res HL textures was a bit rough, but the improved architecture and overall character of the map more than made up for that. There's a much better sense of place now compared to the more generic warehouse style of the first version.

I especially like how the first grunt encounter was redesigned. You can now sneak up on a grunt, only the be caught by surprise by grenade-launching grunt on the other side. Gave an interesting dynamic to that fight. The area also looks more like a real functional place than v1.

Some of the other enemies felt a bit dumb though, just passively waiting around a corner until you show up. It would've been nice if the grunts in the control room had acknowledged your presence in the bridge room somehow - a 'Freeman!' shout, a gesture, one or two grunts running around. The fan obstacle setup was better in v1, because the obstacle was visible before the solution was. In v2, I first pushed the button, then found the vent, and wasn't entirely sure what that button had done.

But other than those minor issues, it's an enjoyable map and it shows good attention to detail. I like how you create ladders - much better than the standard single-brush approach. Also, '86 was a good year indeed! Now I wonder whether there are any other easter eggs to be found...
Commented 2 months ago2020-10-31 23:44:51 UTC in journal: GoldSRC + Godot = ??? Comment #102997
So basically, instead of the CSG/BSP/VIS/RAD pipeline, you're only using a VIS process, at the expense of having to manually set up visibility areas? That's an interesting idea. I wouldn't be surprised if applying this to HL would result in similar performance to what you'd get from the 'traditional' approach.

VISPORTALEXIT seems similar in purpose to HL's SKY texture, with anything outside a VISAREA basically ending up as part of a 3D skybox. As for portals, can't you derive those automatically from where two VISPORTAL brushes are touching or intersecting? That would simplify the level-design process somewhat.
Commented 2 months ago2020-10-19 18:29:32 UTC in journal: Journal sus... Comment #102979
Congratulations with your I have no clueth birthday!
Commented 3 months ago2020-10-17 11:10:46 UTC in vault item: dm_mudanchee Comment #102960
Thanks for the kind words. That waterfall is actually on purpose - it distracts players so others can activate the trap in that room! Nah, I think I just forgot to put a rock there. ;)
Commented 3 months ago2020-10-14 10:56:33 UTC in vault item: dm_mudanchee Comment #102953
Turns out I still had the map somewhere. Download is fixed now, have fun. :)
Commented 3 months ago2020-10-05 09:01:55 UTC in journal: Quarter Comment #102929
Happy (...counts number of ridges...) 119th birthday!
Commented 5 months ago2020-08-08 23:28:07 UTC in wiki page: Explanation: Why brushes can't be concave Comment #102861
The 3-point format takes more space and requires more work to load (for the CSG tool) than the normal+offset format (which is what CSG uses internally), and it's a plain-text format, so I'm not convinced that saving space was much of a concern in this case (not for .map files anyway, .bsp is a different matter). Both of these are about equally bad for a map editor - I don't think there's a way to derive vertices that's better than O(n^2). Fortunately most brushes have a small number of faces so it's not as bad as it sounds, but still, there's a reason why editor-specific formats do store vertices.

Oh, I just found out why brushes are called brushes: Carmack felt that CSG was like painting with a geometry brush. I never thought about it like that.
Commented 5 months ago2020-08-07 07:37:50 UTC in wiki page: Explanation: Why brushes can't be concave Comment #102857
I ran into this when I started working on MESS - .rmf files store a nice list of vertices for each face, but .map files only give you a bunch of planes to work with. Which is annoying, because you need to have vertices if you want to check whether a brush is inside another shape. But once you have those vertices, the convex nature of brushes makes things easy: anything that's on the 'outside' of even a single face plane is outside the brush. With concave shapes that is (a lot?) more complicated.

But did they really choose planes to save on storage space? If that's the case then why didn't they store them as a normal + offset? I think they used planes because it more naturally fits the CSG and BSP processes.
Commented 5 months ago2020-08-03 07:08:39 UTC in journal: I lifted a cinder block today Comment #102851
Ah yes, the lesser known Shakira single.
Yeah! That, and Jenny from the (cinder) block, those songs were solid.
Commented 5 months ago2020-08-02 19:20:11 UTC in journal: I lifted a cinder block today Comment #102845
The holes in those carefully arranged bricks... you must be... 38!

That means your biography is 20 years out of date, so you must've written it 16 years before joining. That... makes total sense. Yeah. Bricks don't lie! :P
Commented 5 months ago2020-08-01 12:33:35 UTC in journal: Macro Entity Scripting System Comment #102839
Thanks! Yeah, I definitely want to get this done.

I just finished integrating the scripting system and implementing transformation of template contents based on the scale and angles of a macro_insert entity. Here are 9 instances of a recursive template, each with a random direction and scaling factor:
Recursion & randomnessRecursion & randomness
The template only contains a single brush, a light entity and a macro_insert entity that's wrapped inside a macro_remove_if entity, to prevent the template from expanding indefinitely. I don't think the other compile tools will handle this sort of brushwork gracefully, but hey... it works! :)
The templateThe template
Commented 5 months ago2020-07-30 22:48:12 UTC in journal: More of this... Comment #102830
To stick with the Minecraft theme: happy dandelions day! :P
Commented 6 months ago2020-07-14 21:33:34 UTC in vault item: Rat Hunt: Quarters - UPDATED Comment #102790
Well, that was fun! I found all but 6 on my first run. Then I cheated with the R_speed Epoly Detector (tm), but still couldn't find all of them...

One thing I noticed was that the detailed nature of the map and the gameplay made me expect the environment to be much more interactive than it was. I think it would really add to the map if those lockers and file cabinets could be opened, and if those soda-machines would actually work.

There were two rats that felt a bit unfair: The cupboard doesn't look like it has doors, they're difficult to open (they don't react to the use key, and can only be touched by crouching), and almost nothing else of that scale is interactive. The two destructible vent grates in the machine room look solid, but all other solid grates are indestructible.

But all in all, a good-looking map with unique and enjoyable gameplay. :)
Commented 8 months ago2020-05-08 20:06:45 UTC in journal: #142 Comment #102706
When you gotta go you gotta go. ;)

I wish I knew about this when I picked a nickname all those years ago, but oh well. That's what happens when your first name starts with a P and English isn't your native language. Fun fact: the place where I live used to be part of a separate kingdom, hundreds of years ago, and it still has its own anthem. The most popular parody on that anthem (the only version I can remember) is - indeed - about having to pee. So there's a connection after all, huh.
Commented 11 years ago2009-05-01 17:12:27 UTC in journal: #5771 Comment #47445
"Shotgun lessons are next."

Plush shotgun shells? Those pack quite a punch. Either way, nice headcrab there. And wow, your son is growing up fast. :)
Commented 11 years ago2009-03-03 08:25:38 UTC in news: OMGWTFHAX Comment #99010
@Rimrook: Welcome. Welcome to It's safer here!
Commented 12 years ago2008-10-17 13:13:52 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: Detailed Textures in Half-Life Comment #100912
Technically this article seems to be accurate, but the presentation can still use some work.

Some comments:
  • divide the article into various paragraphs, as currently it's a big wall of text
  • add a few example images to spice it up, text only is rather dry
  • use bold or italic when emphasizing something, all-caps is regarded as shouting and makes the article look less professional (not that we're striving for a very formal style, but hey)
  • I think it'd be cool if you did provide a working example map :)
Also, the following sentence seems self-contradicting:
The first value is the name of the map texture to apply the detail texture to, you need to rename this to the exact name of the texture you used in your map, eg, if you used the texture 'C1A0_LABW2' in your map you need to name it exactly that, it is not case sensitive and don't use the commas.
Exact same name... but not case-sensitive? I'd say it is case-sensitive. Commas? '' are single quotation marks.
Commented 12 years ago2008-10-16 15:57:11 UTC in vault item: Radiation: Day one Comment #17009
Skals, drop the attitude. Instead, just say what's going wrong ("I'm still getting the 'slicksci.mdl is not precached' error").

JeffMOD, imageshack is a well-known site for uploading images to for free. I'd say links to it can be trusted.
Commented 12 years ago2008-07-27 10:07:56 UTC in news: TWHL is Shutting Down Comment #98656
Apparently, my portfolio and blog are worth 38K combined. That sort of undermines the reliability of that site, don't you think? ;)

Bytheway, is worth 330K.
Commented 12 years ago2008-07-02 16:43:54 UTC in news: MotM Playtesting Comment #98576
Yarrr! = P
Commented 12 years ago2008-06-20 05:08:16 UTC in journal: #5151 Comment #35099
Did you happen to see the guys from Triangle Studios? There's 3 of us in Utrecht these days. :)

Your game starts looking nice bytheway. I assume the tank is fully controllable by now?
Commented 12 years ago2008-05-21 15:54:31 UTC in vault item: dm_mudanchee Comment #16661
Thanks for the review, hlife-hotdog. :)
Commented 12 years ago2008-05-21 03:16:27 UTC in vault item: de_detritus Comment #16656
Aah, I see. Wow, good job for just 4 days then. :)

Oh, I forgot to mention that, but you can embed files into your map, including navigation files. Pakrat is a great tool for that, with it's auto-scan mode.
Commented 12 years ago2008-05-19 16:45:10 UTC in vault item: de_detritus Comment #16646
I just gave this map a try and it's not bad, not at all. :)

I think my youngest brother will enjoy this map, as it's small and to the point, immediate action. I do think hlife_hotdog has a good point about spawning in the basement: it does give the CT's somewhat of a disadvantage, but since they also spawn top-side now and then, it's probably not a big issue. Adds some variety. :)

Visually, the map was pretty good. Atmospheric, but not too dark. I do think some finer brushwork and texturing (alignment on the well, tall building using bump-mapped and unbump-mapped version of a texture) here and there would be good. However, it's just a small layer of extra polish that lacks here, and all in all, it's a pretty nice map. Good job.
Commented 12 years ago2008-05-07 18:45:23 UTC in vault item: dm_mudanchee Comment #16624
Well, it's 2.5 years at most, but yeah, it's been a while. :)

What version did you still have? The oldest that I still have around is v37. The final version is v51.
Commented 12 years ago2008-05-01 10:48:37 UTC in news: TWHL Wiki Comment #98497
Hmm, so it's a 'get started' nudge? Smart... ;)
Commented 12 years ago2008-05-01 06:08:33 UTC in news: TWHL Wiki Comment #98494
Nice work. TWHL is really improving these days. :)

I noticed one little problem on the wiki though: quite a few entity descriptions have empty li tag pairs in them, messing up other list items. Nothing a simple clean-up script can't handle, though. :)
Commented 12 years ago2008-02-10 18:29:58 UTC in vault item: The Citizen Comment #16370
Ah, ok. I'll give it another go after the update. Good luck with it! :)
Commented 12 years ago2008-02-04 18:51:26 UTC in vault item: The Citizen Comment #16329
Overall, it's a nice mod, but there were some moments that really annoyed me.

Anyway, visually it ranges from ok-ish (too narrow, cramped and linear parts, such as the flooded city part) to pretty good (other city parts - great backgrounds!, the convention center).
Technically, it also fluctuates: some parts were neatly done, others were buggy and easily broken (convention center - elite mask was pitch black? tv show room shields didn't open, nothing happened?).
The same goes gameplay-wise. Some parts were fun and had good combat and puzzles. Other parts were horrible (strider + sniper + assault afterwards, without even pointing at the RPG?!).

There's some points I'd definitely change:
  • Leeches in sewers? That water is fairly shallow, while HL2 learned us that leeches only inhabit deep water. Don't break HL2 'rules', or if you do, make it obvious that you do.
  • Instantly killing the player when he steps out of the shop early in the game is not fun nor necessary (just put a sniper somewhere, or a raid car with machinegun or such, that'll get the message across to stay inside without the frustration of an unforseen instant-kill).
  • Providing endless supplies of manhacks can be extremely frustrating, especially when combatting soldiers and trying to find some sort of button or whatever else will open a door. That's when I see cheating as justified, heh. Kudos to ent_remove. Stupid manhack spawner. ;)
  • Provide more sense of direction. Some parts are just guesswork for a newcomer. Various area's don't focus on where to go next. With lighting, architecture and scripted events, a player can be 'guided' to a next area.
All in all, a fair mod, but some points just hold it down. Some fixes and tweaks here and there and I'd really enjoy it, but for now, I'm sorry, it doesn't really do it for me.

PS: Is the elite suit supposed to blind you? ...
Commented 13 years ago2007-05-10 17:04:59 UTC in vault item: Quarintine v1.1 beginning Comment #14833
Well, what kc8kjp said, providing directly playable maps helps a lot.

From what I've seen, the idea looks nice. I haven't compiled to test it in-game, that's your job after all, so I can't say much more on that. I should note that the level does look quite blocky, you may want to use some more angled rocks and generally, more natural shapes for the whole surrounding. I noticed you already slanted your rocks a bit, but the overall area is still very square. That's something I'd change if I were you.

Technically, there's a few things, such at the edges of the burning 'pool' that stick out. Read up on the clipping tool or the vertex manipulation tool if you want to tidy that up. I also noticed your maps are 'skyboxed': there's a big skybox arount the whole level. That works to prevent leaks, but the bottom of the sand and several area's that you will never see get compiled with the map, which takes some extra time and pushes your map to limits faster. Usually, people will create a more complex skybox, so, that only visible parts of the level are contained within it.

Nonetheless, it looks good so far. There's various things to improve on but that's ok. Good luck with this. :)
Commented 14 years ago2007-01-06 11:11:25 UTC in vault item: dm_hothworld HL BETA Comment #13914
It's not that much of a problem: I create theme maps before starting the actual map too. However, I don't stick to these theme test maps, as I also create layout test maps, and when I'm happy with both, I start merging stuff and finalizing things.

Now that you've gotten so far with the detailing, doesn't mean you have to stick to this layout. But since it's generally hard to change layouts when a lot of work has already been done (more of an emotional difficulty I guess), starting from scratch and using the elements can be very helpfull.

Anyway, good luck with this. :)
Commented 14 years ago2007-01-06 11:03:53 UTC in vault item: dm_hothworld HL BETA Comment #13912
Remove the top-hatch, I'd say. It's generally a very small, short 'sequenced' thingie, perhaps not something that ultimately fits well in a deathmatch map. I mean, gauss-jumping up there sure is a lot faster... ;) Considering that, a ladder would probably be best.

Oh, as for clipping off the cliffs, it might disappoint some players. I got comments on Detention that one broken ladder that lead to a small platform (that I put there for decorations sake) disappointed people, because they could get up there with the gauss, but found nothing. Just something to keep in mind.
Commented 14 years ago2007-01-06 10:38:12 UTC in vault item: dm_hothworld HL BETA Comment #13910
Good, on request I'll give some mean comments. Let's do it in Comments and Suggestions style (Questions and Answers).

C. The sound, while being a nice touch, is very repeatable and becomes annoying.
S. Use multiple sounds, spread across the map. More subtle and more variation.

C. The ATAT's gunfire is killing me! And those lasers look odd!
S. The ATAT's are too cool to be left out. :) Make them fire at the hangar in general, so their gunfire acts as a visual effect only. This allows you to tweak their laser blast effect some more, too.

C. The corridors are boring and lack cover.
S. Either shorten the corridors, or better, expand them into larger area's. Some more interesting connectivity in the map would also be good: there is one central area (hangar) with 4 routes leading to it, but the other two (shield generator & falcon) only have 2 connections, and in the falcon area, they're too close to each other. That breeds campers.

C. Health? Armor? Anything-but-the-gauss-or-grenades?
S. I understand doing a gauss-only map is a design decision, but I wonder if it'll make for a very interesting map, especially on the long run. Leaving out health and armor reduces the flow of players, because there are less items that attract them. Oh, now that we're talking about the gauss, a gauss-only map without rewarding gauss-jump tricks is pretty pointless. :)

C. All those Star-Wars things look cool, but what's their purpose?
S. Obviously, a falcon with only one entrance and nothing inside (everyone already has the crowbar) is useless. At least provide multiple entrances, and give players a reason to enter it. Whether that;s a controllable laser turre on top, or a nice load of batteries, is up to you (and some playtesting sessions).

C. It's pretty dark here.
S. Yes, it is, generally. :) While not too dark, it could've been brighter. And as Kasperg stated, more variation would be welcome too.

All in all, it feels like the map is based more on Star-Wars gimmickery than on an actually well-thought gameplay idea. The size of the area's is about right if you want to keep it a gauss-map, but it certainly lacks vertical gameplay. Some short dead-ends here and there and slowly opening doors (making connectivity worse) don't help either: the map feels somewhat sloppy through them.

Tip: create some gameplay test maps first, pretty simple in architecture and texturing, and run through them for a while to see which one feels better, more interesting. Playtest the result with some friends, preferrably with a variety of different people. See what they think about it, listen to their suggestions. It'll help you create a solid gameplay without costing too much time. Of course, you already place some placeholder brushes for important scene pieces like X-wings and stuff, so you don't have to break your head about where to place them without messing up the existing layout. :)

Perhaps it's a good idea to do so now. Copy the map into a new file, strip away all details and work on a bare-bone thing only. You can copy the details back later once you've got a solid layout to work with. Perhaps this workflow doesn't suit you too well, but it has helped me a lot (although it took some time to get used to it ;)).
Commented 14 years ago2007-01-06 10:10:54 UTC in vault item: Dm_archipelago -- Beta Comment #13909
Just a tip: this section of the Vault isn't as frequently visited as the finished section, or the forums. To generate more interest, post a thread in the forums. I don't know how many people here play GMod, but it's one way to find out. :)

About decompiling, there are about 3 ways to make decompiling harder, do a search on the Valve Wiki for it. It won't stop those that know how to circumvent these methods, but it's something.
Commented 14 years ago2007-01-04 11:20:54 UTC in vault item: cs_face2face Comment #13900
One thing always made me wonder: why do some mappers leave out the lighting for performance sake? Have you tested the difference and if so, was it really that significant? This map never gets above 400 world polygons so if you can run the default CS maps fine, then it really shouldn't be an issue...<br>
Anyway, about the map, personally I think there isn't much interesting to it, since there are so many maps of this kind and it looks so bland. I'm sure it can be fun for a while, but I think that after some time it becomes too predictable and people will go looking for another map to get some variation.
Commented 14 years ago2007-01-03 20:56:06 UTC in vault item: aim_midnight Comment #13896
Well, let's talk about the visuals first then.

The map is basically unlit, which means it looks relatively bland because there's too little contrast. Add a light_environment for the sun/moonlight and some light entities for other light sources, or use texture lights. Light can also serve a gameplay function: bright area's are generally more attractive than dark area's, so by lighting some parts of the map more than others you can give players more sense of direction. For example, aim a spotlight on those wooden crossings, add some fancy light beam effects and players will instantly know there's something important over there.

The map itself isn't very interesting in terms of architecture: it's basically some appartment blocks. The containers don't belong on top of the buildings, small maintenance access 'houses' and other rooftop machinery would fit better.

Funny how the neonlight support beams consist of so many polygons: I got about 3000-4000 world polygons rendered on average, so I even noticed a small slowdown. I'd say, use a transparant texture instead (in case you don't know how to use them, you'll have to make that brush a func_wall and set it's Render FX (or mode?) to solid and it's FX amount to 255). Saves you some polygons, some work, and increases performance. It'll also speed up your compile time because those tiny brushes cause more work for the VIS process. Oh, the 'floor' was invisible because the max_viewable_distance is too low. You can change this through the Hammer menu: map->map properties.

As for the gameplay, I can't say much about it since it's been a while since I played CS (I never played much), but it looks pretty predictable to me. Which is probably the purpose of an aim map, but a little bit more cover and a few other places that players could pop up might be nice. Well, I don't know, players will probably like this anyway but I can imagine the map getting boring after a while because it's so predictable. Then again, I'm no aim_ player...
Commented 14 years ago2007-01-03 18:08:42 UTC in vault item: aim_midnight Comment #13894
I'll give it a try however, after I redownloaded CS. ;)

I believe it's unfair to bash a map simply because it's an aim map with standard textures. Which doesn't mean I think it's a great map, just that you should be given some feedback on what you can improve. We'll see. :)
Commented 14 years ago2006-10-22 17:12:00 UTC in vault item: Half-Life: Uplink Extended 1.1 Comment #13301
I'm glad you actually extended Uplink, Muzzle. That came as a nice surprize. :)

As for the rest of Uplink Extended, essentially it's the same as Uplink, and I still see no point in recreating it with a higher level of detail. While playing, I hardly noticed any difference in the experience. That's both the good and the bad point about it: you captured the Uplink feeling pretty well, and at the same time you didn't add anything to it.

I think this is something few mappers grasp, and I believe it's one of the things that make the difference between a level-designer and a mapper, or content creator. I see this as a typical example of a mappers recreation. It's recreated as it was, with some relatively minor changes. It's not recreated in the spirit of the original, it does not try to be what the original represented. It just tries to be the original, with some polished edges and some more polies.
And rounded corners where you'd least expect them to be. ;)

I can go on on a long rant about the importance of details in relationship to the whole, but I guess you already know what I'm going to say. And don't get me wrong, it's a nice mappack, and I applaud your motivation and the fact that you finished it. :)
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
Commented 14 years ago2006-06-12 10:10:51 UTC in vault item: Detention Comment #12202
Heh, the inspiration is visible at least... :)
Commented 14 years ago2006-06-09 03:10:31 UTC in vault item: No_Patience Comment #12166
Then here is not the place. This is where you tell how you feel or think about this map. Use PM.
Or rather, calm down and ignore such comments, or ask for clarification. Mad comments usually don't do yourself well (for example, your comment about my hallway(s) felt odd, dumb almost, and now it turns out it wasn't based on much at all).
As for clarification, after I asked for it it turned out Orph sees 4 stars as almost-perfect, and that's a stage your map hasn't achieved quite yet. It has good points, but also lacking points.
Commented 14 years ago2006-06-08 19:08:33 UTC in vault item: No_Patience Comment #12153
Similar hallways? Wha?

As if I create all my hallways like that, and as if I've created that many maps... :P

zeeba-G, Orphs maps have been made years ago. Of course they're HL-ish, in fact, your map is more HL-ish than this particular map. That isn't a bad thing per se. Fire traps and lava ramps are unoriginal? Of course. Everything has been done before in some way or another. That's not the point here, the point is whether they 'work' or not. A fire trap, how cliche it might be, can still provide good fun during play.

Actually, I think this map is ok. It seems to be built with gameplay in mind and it looks like it handles that well. The graphics are fine but feel a bit disjointed.
Commented 14 years ago2006-05-11 18:28:09 UTC in vault item: Compo 20 -noname- FINAL Comment #11777
Ah, it's because of the models! Use the cycler or cycler_sprite entity in that case - harder to work with, but not annoying in the end. ;)