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Posted 15 years ago2006-01-21 02:06:46 UTC
in A site organized "twhl modding team"?? Post #158855
Speaking of Projects, where is Project?
Funny you guy's should bring this idea up :-)

If the following provides some direction for a Mod Team, then it will be worth the time writing it:

The Project had an idea, a conceptual story, a group of 15+ mappers, a web site and heaps of enthusiasm.
There were several mod's around the same time trying to do similar things, one which produced a playable mod was Issues.
What happened to the Project?

Due to the vast experience base of the mappers, we decided early on that submitted maps would be tested to see if they were 'any good'.
This was voted on by the mappers.
All agreed that if we were going to publish anything it should be of the highest quality (UpLink Quality).

This was our first mistake....

Some had difficulty working from a concept rather than a story base, others didn't live up to the standard required, and a pretty high standard that was. Others couldn't meet deadlines. Some had difficulty acceopting that their maps were crap.

The end of the project came about because we couldn't agree on the direction. Setting the standard so high had alienated most of the enthusiastic mappers.
Final submissions were made by:
ZombieLoffe (no Piccy)

I still have all the build files somewhere, including the RMF's.

If I was going to run the same thing again, I think it would be in the same vain as PQL and Issues.
Each member builds a level of 3-5 maps based on a loose story. They develope the story in their own level.
A coordinator links the maps together and builds the story around them with filler maps generated by the Mod admin team.

Good Luck,
Posted 15 years ago2006-01-14 08:41:29 UTC
in How long will HL1 last? Post #157887
Expect it to be around for a long time.
Expect the major Mod's that came from HL to be around for a long time.

Satchmo is right, more people play 1.6 than CS:Source and more people play DoD 1.3 than DoD:Source....

If you are working on a project, keep going and do NOT rush.
The end of the world is a long way off.
Posted 16 years ago2005-09-08 17:21:02 UTC
in TWHL worldwide Post #133328
I represent Northern Queensland.
We have nothing to do with the rest of Australia and their puppet government.
Posted 16 years ago2005-09-02 08:32:36 UTC
in Steam Post #131715
Until I got a 1500/256 connection, I hated it.
But now I like it.
Witht the Silver pack, I just recieved Blueshift, a game I wouldn't have bought stand alone.

If you are worried about the initialization J.C. try wearing a foil hat.
Works for me...
Posted 16 years ago2005-06-23 22:35:21 UTC
in Are you ready for it...? Post #116581
As Seventh has already said, we need an answer from Kasperg, but more importantly we need to get in touch with Atom. He is the only one that can post the compo page.
Posted 16 years ago2005-06-23 22:33:31 UTC
in tutorial Post #116580
So where is it?
Posted 16 years ago2005-06-12 21:00:33 UTC
in screenshots Post #114018
Spot on Kol..
Intergrated Intel Graphics,

I don't have $300 Aus spare to get a decent graphics card that will run HL2 on full detail. Until I do, I have decided not to play it at all.

Maybe next year :)
Posted 16 years ago2005-06-12 20:51:27 UTC
in How true... Post #114017
How many forum members does it takes to change a light bulb?

1 to change the light bulb and to post that the light bulb has been changed
14 to share similar experiences of changing light bulbs and how the light bulb could have been changed differently
7 to caution about the dangers of changing light bulbs
1 to move it to the Lighting section
2 to argue then move it to the Electricals section
7 to point out spelling/grammar errors in posts about changing light bulbs
5 to flame the spell checkers
3 to correct spelling/grammar flames
6 to argue over whether it's "lightbulb" or "light bulb" ... another 6 to condemn those 6 as stupid
2 industry professionals to inform the group that the proper term is "lamp"
15 know-it-alls who claim they were in the industry, and that "light bulb" is perfectly correct
19 to post that this forum is not about light bulbs and to please take this discussion to a lightbulb forum
11 to defend the posting to this forum saying that we all use light bulbs and therefore the posts are relevant to this forum
36 to debate which method of changing light bulbs is superior, where to buy the best light bulbs, what brand of light bulbs work best for this technique and what brands are faulty
7 to post URL's where one can see examples of different light bulbs
4 to post that the URL's were posted incorrectly and then post the corrected URL's
3 to post about links they found from the URL's that are relevant to this group which makes light bulbs relevant to this group
13 to link all posts to date, quote them in their entirety including all headers and signatures, and add "Me too"
5 to post to the group that they will no longer post because they cannot handle the light bulb controversy
4 to say "didn't we go through this already a short time ago?"
13 to say "do a Google search on light bulbs before posting questions about light bulbs"
1 forum lurker to respond to the original post 6 months from now and start it all over again.
Posted 16 years ago2005-06-11 03:05:46 UTC
in screenshots Post #113705
Arhhh, Ok,
I figured it was somewhere but couldn't find it. Umm, I still can't find it in advanced options.. but I changed the config.cfg so that should stop anymore being taken.

Now about those F5 screenshots in Day of Defeat.
The key is bound, but the results are a 1.3Mb .bmp black screen
Could be my crappy video card?
Posted 16 years ago2005-06-09 20:13:00 UTC
in screenshots Post #113473
Did it work...
I have problems with F5 in HL and DoD.
Both produce a .bmp, but it is black.
The only fix I have found is using Prt Scr/Sys Rq instead.

While we are on the subject, I can't remember where the command to turn OFF automatic end of game screen shot is.
I looked in my folder the other day and it was full of MP end game screenies.
Posted 16 years ago2005-06-09 19:49:11 UTC
in The horribleness of pictures [closed] Post #113471
It should be fixed at 150:
<TD WIDTH="150" BGCOLOR="#F1B643" CLASS="menu" VALIGN="top">

And it is for IE... but not Mozilla.

Firefox is a different matter, it has difficulty with defined table settings and will over-ride positioning depending on the base css.

I guess Atom could get the site to work in 'most popular browsers' but why go to all that trouble.
Fixes for Mozilla, usually impact on other browsers in a nasty way, so a second hack is needed to display correctly.
My site is compatible with both, but that is the last time I ever do that...
When I re-write GTLS I will pick a browser, code for it and too bad if you are not using it, because it just isn't worth the trouble.
Posted 16 years ago2005-06-09 19:37:35 UTC
in Deleting Members [closed] Post #113469
I don't understand why it is important to you to delete members who have not visited for a long time.

While the thought might have crossed some of our minds, you haven't provided a reason...
Posted 16 years ago2005-06-09 19:30:10 UTC
in Tutorial Question Post #113468
It was removed because it isn't current. It needs updating now that we have another Moderator on board and also because I found out after 2 years that the submission form would accept HTML ...

Anyway, if you have a tutorial idea, send it to Seventh or Rabid or me (I will forward it to them :-)

Dont forget.
Stuff that has been covered wont be published.
Stuff that is available on other sites won't be published.
Stuff that doesn't make sense ... well, you get the idea.

Don't devote 2 pages to "stack the entities above each other because it looks nice" !
Proof read your submission.
We are not translators!
Posted 16 years ago2005-05-29 18:09:39 UTC
in RPG ADVENTURE #1 [closed] Post #111594
Don't you guy's do level design anymore?

Pass stuff like this to me or post it in the shout box and I will not close it... I will delete it.
Posted 16 years ago2005-05-28 16:59:19 UTC
in your Language Post #111369
Apoligies up front...
ni how ma? how, see see ah!
Trust me I am a doctor went something like this...
Sung sing wa wa see nu sung?
..............wa nee see ung?
But I could never get it right and often it actually meant trust me I am a cow.
Posted 16 years ago2005-05-27 22:11:41 UTC
in Bad mapping? Post #111268
Or read the tutorials on Vertex manipulation.
Posted 16 years ago2005-05-27 22:07:40 UTC
in FDG Code For Models Post #111267
If you can not get the lastest FGD with studio attachments, then try reading the ZHLT documentation...

Seriously, man, it's FGD, not FDG ;) - Seventh
Sorry.. keep thinking Frigate destroyer Group :-) - Andy
Posted 16 years ago2005-05-27 22:05:04 UTC
in Hey check it out! Post #111266
Asking people to download a zip file containing screen shots is a little like asking them for their banking details :-)
Why don'y you post the screenies and link to them?
Posted 16 years ago2005-05-23 05:36:27 UTC
in compiling? Post #110581
Thousand unfinished!!!
I have 238 unfinished maps languishing in various stages of unfinishedness :-)
I have only released (to the public) 3 full HL Based levels in 5 years...
Sad isn't it..
More like "ohh look a bright shiny thing" and off I go on another tangent.

But back to the question...
Compile early and often regardless of how good you get...
Best advice I have ever heard.
Posted 16 years ago2005-05-23 05:30:21 UTC
in Dark Side Post #110580
I am surprised that no one added
"Only if she loved me too...."
Or are we taking that for granted?

Hey satchmo, aren't you getting married soon?
Posted 16 years ago2005-05-20 03:49:51 UTC
in Avatar (No, not another one of those...) Post #110230
I have had a few here, we only had a gallery to choose from originally.
But when we uploaded our own, I needed something other than a lion as Atom went with that.
Mine hasn't really changed all that much in 3 years. Just modified slightly to be able to use it on other sites.
Posted 16 years ago2005-05-14 22:56:12 UTC
in last resort recruiting Post #109455
Good Luck,
But I doubt you will get any talent from the members here.
They seem to spend more time paying out on people than actually producing anything.

Hope it goes well for you.
Posted 16 years ago2005-05-13 18:02:30 UTC
in Map Something Unique comments [closed] Post #109261
SlayerA - Thanks Seventh! I completely agree with your notes. You were even too kind in some areas. wink-wink - ;)
Rubbish, the map was brilliant when you first designed it over a year ago. I have not seen anything since that covered the same stuff.
I especially liked the entrance corridor ;)
Posted 16 years ago2005-05-13 17:56:40 UTC
in A *MOD*erate possibility Post #109260
Rock 4a sent...

Yes BL,
esmajor and I worked together a prison level.
Not a "huge underground Russian prision", just a good old fashioned one.
If I remember correctly, he did most of the work and I just kept his imagination under check :-)
The reason we stopped was that he moved? or something and I got busy with other stuff.
Posted 16 years ago2005-05-13 04:57:13 UTC
in Really Questionable Post #109146
You don't have to Noclip.. The game is full of them, but the question you have to ask is:
"Did it lessen your enjoyment?"
No, of course it didn't.
So next time you build a level, build it for fun not precision... after all that is what this is all about.

Most of the flaws were discussed in '98 -'99 on the old HERC forums. None of this is new..
Posted 16 years ago2005-05-13 04:48:28 UTC
in A *MOD*erate possibility Post #109145
habboi - Just make maps for now and worry about mods when you have had a few years experience!
That is the best laugh I have had for a while... you telling someone else to get a few years experience...

Hey esmajor?
Is the starting map going to be that prison level we both worked on a long time ago??
Posted 16 years ago2005-05-09 05:52:03 UTC
in Deleted Posts [closed] Post #108483
it now appears as if there's a mad moderator on the loose, closing topics at random... nuts - :nuts: badass - :badass: :ph34r:
Possibly more than one ;)

The good thing about closing a post is that others get to see why it was closed, so I will ask all moderators to close a post and then add a 'who closed it and why' as the last entry, unless of course it is obvious.
Most of us are already doing this...

So I think we can safely close this topic too :-)
Posted 16 years ago2005-05-07 20:07:26 UTC
in A few newb mapper questions Post #108149
i have info_initial_player_axis and allies type entities in there.
The initial entity set up for DoD is really important.
You must have:
It is also a good idea to have an info_doddetect.

If you post the map in the Problem section of the Map Vault I will look at it.

"platton stick together" means that you have spawned... so something is wrong with your spawn point.
The problem sounds as though you are stuck in a brush, or forgot to hollow the sky :-)

If you can wait a month, I will be posting a "Mapping Day of Defeat" tutorial series at RUST, that shows the basics.
Posted 16 years ago2005-05-07 19:53:30 UTC
in Deleted Posts [closed] Post #108147
Any chance of telling us which certain posts your talking about?
There are a lot of rubbish posts created everyday in the wrong folders that don't suit the theme of the site. i occasionally delete posts (ask BL :-) ) but haven't done so for a while.
Most posts that stray of course are no [closed]...
Posted 16 years ago2005-04-30 17:16:49 UTC
in CS Wall Thickness Post #106532
I think you will find an informative tutorial on Collective dealing with wall thickness, it is based on Day of Defeat but the figure seem to be consistant.
Posted 16 years ago2005-04-24 07:57:58 UTC
in How high r speeds can you take? Post #105614
The real reason that:
People here tend to get a little spazzy if your r_speeds go over 800
Is that most level design includes a lot of models to enhance the scene.. When your epoly goes up, so does your wpoly.
If you have 1100wpoly and a lot of action and a lot of models, the map will lag.
Simple, isn't it.

Then again, if you are just walking through looking at the scenery without action, 1100 would be fine... boring, but fine.
Posted 16 years ago2005-04-24 07:52:33 UTC
in Compo 13 - [closed] Post #105612
I think we can close this now...
Posted 16 years ago2005-04-24 07:49:53 UTC
in Mapping Proposal Post #105611
If the 'City stuff' is anything like the 'PTS' levels I have already seen, this should be a great level design project...
Posted 16 years ago2005-04-22 16:45:16 UTC
in Compile Prob :( Post #105327
There was no CSG compile..
DID you read: Compiling Introduced??

What does that have to do with STEAM ??
Posted 16 years ago2005-04-22 03:10:20 UTC
in Sprite and Object Question for DOD Post #105243
A lot of the options available in the fdg's were originally added, but removed or made non functional at some stage of development.
If you remember back to DoD 3, you had that ability to self heal with a med kit. That was removed in 3.1 as well as a heap of other stuff.
This doesn't mean you can't have glowing icons, or tnt... but I am guessing that you will need to change the code.
The tnt is an object, as you know, but without changing the code I cannot see how you could get it to behave like that.
As for the Icons, I haven't seen them since Dod 3, so maybe they were removed as well? But the sprites are all there...
Have you tried MardyMouse?
Posted 16 years ago2005-04-16 17:18:44 UTC
in Is it possible to restrict weapons in CS Post #104376
do you know how I would go about modding this? I am sure it can't be too hard
Lol.. Sorry, my mistake.. I figured you actually meant mapping due to the statement above.

You need to check out the coding forums on other sites.
Posted 16 years ago2005-04-16 17:00:16 UTC
in "too many direct lights on a face" Post #104373
Why not try it and see?
Posted 16 years ago2005-04-16 16:55:02 UTC
in My site Post #104370
I made my own stylesheets
Umm, there is a difference between making your own style sheets and embedding a style sheet.
Anyway, it is a nice clean page with hideous color options.
Good start...
Oh, and where are you picking up the HTML from, are there still people coding in 4 transitional?
Ditch 4 and shoot for XHTML, then you shouldn't have browser compatibility issues.
Posted 16 years ago2005-04-16 16:41:55 UTC
in Is it possible to restrict weapons in CS Post #104368
Ever think of searching for Knife only?
Forum Topics
What you want to achieve has been discussed, it is just a matter of finding the right one to suit you..
Posted 16 years ago2005-04-15 02:59:27 UTC
in Nessecary addition? Post #104111
Where is the Map? It is not in the Vault?
Whoever told you that speeds will increase by using null and thining brushes wasn't thinking straight...

R_speeds are increased by the engine rendering a texture on a brush.
Null is effectively not rendered.
Thining brushes 'may' reduce the amount of rendered texture required.. but not always.
Posted 16 years ago2005-04-15 02:49:15 UTC
in Maximum texture size Post #104108
Umm, not quite correct,
I do believe that you can have larger textures if you are willing to ignore the compile errors.
Posted 16 years ago2005-04-15 02:47:43 UTC
in "too many direct lights on a face" Post #104107
Most commonly caused by 4 or more 'dynamic' lights in the same visible area..
But not always.
Consider 'coring' and light given off by textures that turn on and off.
And learn the joy of texture lighting...
Posted 16 years ago2005-04-15 02:44:16 UTC
in Links Post #104106
Good point m0p.. I will link to all of Adams stuff.
Posted 16 years ago2005-04-15 02:42:58 UTC
in Translation request Post #104105
Australian Translation:

Your a full bottled six pack without the plastic thingy..
Come back when you have one.
Posted 16 years ago2005-04-13 03:09:03 UTC
in Pointfile won't load up Post #103618
Yep.. Agree totally,
However when you do get one and revert to the best method of finding them you will find yourself with the same problem.
I guess it is a transition to steam problem, Can you still use the pointfile method in game in HL2?
Posted 16 years ago2005-04-13 03:02:37 UTC
in Hot Gaming Chicks Post #103617
MMmmm hmm.

What does that make Boy's using the internet?
Posted 16 years ago2005-04-12 01:33:09 UTC
in Pointfile won't load up Post #103430
No, I am guessing that 'mymap' was a way of saying 'pointfile<x>.pts'

Reason I am interested is that in a recent DoD map, I tried all the old methods and still couldn't find the leak, so thought I would just run up the -particles and have a look. I got the same error, 'Cannot load dod1.pts' even though the .pts was in the right folder.
I read somewhere that the .lin may need to be there also, but that made no difference.
So it can only be the way steam acceses the pointfile, or that they have changed the structure for Hammer 4, and the old one isn't recognised.
Thought I would bump this since the 'waste of space' that is commonly known as Steam Forums doesn't have an answer.

Oh, I found the leak in the end, so the answer is academic, however the old pointfile in game method is quick in complex maps, so it would be nice to know if it still works.
Posted 16 years ago2005-04-12 01:24:13 UTC
in Serious Discussion Post #103429
I don't think that Religious/Political/offensive discussions should take place at all!
Most forums don't allow them, and we only tolerate them because you guy's don't seem to have anything else to talk about :-)

BL, I think your idea is a good one, however your opinion of 'serious' might be completely different to someone elses... so who will decide what is serious and what isn't?
Posted 16 years ago2005-04-12 01:18:42 UTC
in Poll : Cheating Post #103428
Cheats or no cheats, you really have to ask yourself if it is worth a ban on the Steam Servers...
I play Day of Defeat and the number of blatent cheaters has dropped in the last two weeks with the announcement of the new VAC.
It won't stop all the cheaters, but it goes a long way to frighten n00bs like me from trying them out.
It doesn't take a genius or 1337 haxOr to find cheats, just google...

Oh and Goat... the scope shake in Aimbot was fixed last year some time...'how would I know?' Easy, I googled.
Posted 16 years ago2005-04-09 21:17:35 UTC
in Links Post #102911
No idea what your talking about Ant :-)
Gotta love the ability to edit... Ok, so I wasn't clear.. Doh!

I was looking for stuff like That now holds all the HL1 and HL2 errors and has some legends looking after the compilation of errors.

Um, Sari... GFScape is listed at Slackillers HLPrograms